1) safety precautions – NeoDigits.com X3000 HD User Manual

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1) Safety Precautions


Warning: key operations and maintenance instruction enclosed with the player

Caution: DO NOT open the cover of the player to avoid the risk of fire or electric
shock. Contact a professional for repair.

Warning: Dangerous high voltage inside and risk of electrical shock.


To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or damage to the player, do not expose this
device to moisture and do not place water filled objects close to or on top of it.

Usage Notice

• Before plugging in this device, make sure your power supply voltage matches the

product. The working voltage of this player is marked on the rear panel.

• To avoid damage to the audio system, switch the volume of connected devices

such as speakers or amplifiers to minimum before turning the player on/off.

• Unplug the player when unused for long periods.

• Do not unplug by pulling on the power cable.

• Do not place heavy objects on top of the player.

• Do not put fingers or other objects into the player.