X3000 HD User Manual

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traffic information.
For example, a bookmark could be for an RSS weather feed of your local

weather information.
A. From the weather website, look for their RSS feed lists. It will me something


B. Add this URL to your bookmarks / Favorites in your web browser. See your

web browser help for more information on this.
C. By default, NeoLink shares your browser bookmarks with your HELIOS player.

However, if you have more than one browser – say you have Internet Explorer
and Firefox then you can select which bookmarks to share:

To do this, open NeoLink. Go to Edit Î Preferences. From Preferences go to
Service Î Web bookmark. Then select which browser bookmarks you want to

Now I can go to my HELIOS and look see my local forecast whenever I like.

From the home page on my HELIOS player, I open the NeoLink Page of my
server and go to “Online Media”

To go to my web bookmarks I go through the list of links until I find “Web
Open Web bookmarks and find the bookmark to the RSS feed that you just

created and press enter, there you go – local up-to-date weather information
whenever you want.

Tip, The list is alphabetical so Web bookmarks will always be near the end of the
list. To go from the beginning of a list directly to the end, simply press [Up] on