8) before operation – NeoDigits.com X3000 HD User Manual

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connection. Set up wireless connection as described above. After reboot, go to the
wireless setup and select Connection: Ad-Hoc

8) Before Operation

Setup your HELIOS X3000 video mode

Before you start to setup the video mode, you need to connect your display devices with
the HELIOS X3000 properly (see section 3, connecting to a TV for details)

1. Turn on the player and your display device
2. If the TV screen is blank, click the “TV mode” button on the remote control a few times
until you see the “HELIOS” logo across the screen.
The default Video setting of the player is Composite/S-Video/Component NTSC.
Pressing the “TV Mode” button switches the player through each of the different output
options for NTSC, PAL and High Definition. Pause for a moment after you press the TV
mode button to see if the current output works with your display.

3. Click “Setup” button on the remote control to enter the setup menu
4. Under “system”

Î “Video settings” menu, you can select the correct video mode

5. After selecting the right video mode, click “Save” to save your entered setting (you may
be asked to reboot the player)
6. If the new video mode you selected is not working with your display device, click the
“TV mode” button a few times over until you get image back to your display device’s
screen – then go to setup menu to try another video mode
7. If you have a 16:9 display device, click “setup” button to enter setup menu, then in

Î “TV type” menu, choose the TV type to “16:9” instead of “4:3”.