Troubleshooting – X3000 HD User Manual

Page 36

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Possible cause and solution

No Power

Ensure AC mains power supply is plugged in
properly and the socket is ok. Make sure power
lead is firmly connected to player.

Can not play disc


Switch the power on


The disc type is not supported by the
player or the disc is seriously damaged.
Only use discs that can be played by this


Wrong side of disc. Place the disc on the
tray with printed side up.

4. Restriction of disc level – cancel the



Condensation on the laser lens – switch
the player on without any disc loaded and
allow the player to “warm up” for ~ 2 hours

No Picture

1. The TV / Video input state is incorrect.

Press the TV Mode button repeatedly until
you get a picture. Alternatively, try
connecting you player and TV using
another type of connection (component /
composite etc)

2. Damaged media – clean the disc and

ensure file format is supported

3. If using the player with a HDMI TV, please

ensure the “Connected to DVI TV” is

Picture distorted or loss of color

1. Check all video cable connections.
2. The Video output settings of the player are

not matched with the input settings of the
TV / Display. Double check both player and
DVD settings.

3. Damaged or poor quality media.

No Disc / Invalid Disc displayed

This can happen with a dirty disc on damaged
disc. Please clean the disc or replace it.

Can not display picture as full

Wrong TV Type selected. Change the TV type
setting in the DVD setup menu.








Some discs are disabled from selecting an
individual chapter.

Remote control does not work

1. Obstacle between the remote control and

the receiving window – point the remote
control to the player directly i.e. get a clear
line of sight

2. Please check if the remote control batteries

have the wrong polarity or low power.

No Sound

1. Check the TV or amplifier equipment to

make sure it is turned on.

2. The volume control has been set to

minimum or Mute has been turned on.