X3000 HD User Manual

Page 37

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3. If using a the player with a HDMI TV

connection, please ensure “Connected to
DVI TV” option in player setup is cleared

Note: there is no audio output when the player
is in any of the following modes: Pause, Step,
Slow motion, FF or FR

Can not browse network (wired)

1. Poor connection – check all network


2. Switch failure – try connecting to different

switch port

3. IP conflict – ensure the player IP address is

set up correctly.

4. No Power – ensure any switch / router has

power and is working correctly.

5. MAC address control has been enabled on

your NeoLink server – check the list of
permitted MAC address with your player’s

Can not browse network (wireless)

1. Poor signal strength. Try relocating your

wireless HUB / router closer to your player.

2. Wireless antenna not securely attached.
3. Wireless access point incorrect. Refer to

Windows documentation about creating
wireless networks





1. Check your internet connection – try

connecting to the internet from a computer
on the network.

2. Network problem – see above

Can not read media (USB)

1. There are multiple partitions on your USB

device – Multi partitions are not supported.

2. Incompatible chipset used by USB device –

You may see a “Device Enumeration error”

Can not open NeoLink Server

1. Network problems – see above.
2. MAC address or Password control has

been enabled on NeoLink – check for
allowed MAC addresses and or users.

3. Ensure NeoLink Server is running on

computer – There should be a HELIOS
icon displayed on the task bar.