X3000 HD User Manual

Page 30

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your Remote control.

Sharing content with other HELIOS users

You can share your media library with a friend / other HELIOS users over a LAN
or internet.

If you have your friends NeoLink Server IP address you can add their server to
your HELIOS home page. Press “Add” to add a NeoLink Server and enter a name

for your friend’s server and their IP address, and away you go!

The connection speed depends on the internet connection speed of you and your
friend. Audio and image content should be unaffected but video streaming bight

not be smooth over a slow connection

Controlling access to you media library

To control which UPnP devices / computers have access to your NeoLink library
you have two options:

A. Password – In the NeoLink Preferences, go to System and then click the

Security tab. Here you can create a password which will need to be entered

each time a device wants to access your NeoLink server

B. MAC Address Control – As an alternative to passwords, you can use MAC

address control. Every device that connects to a network has a unique MAC
address. You can enter the MAC address of each device that you want to be

able access your NeoLink Server.

To enable MAC Address control, open NeoLink Î Edit Î Preferences Î
System Î MAC Address. Then simply check the box for “Enable MAC

address” and press the “+” button to add the MAC of an authorized