11) appendix – NeoDigits.com X3000 HD User Manual

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Secondary NTP Server: Set a secondary NTP server


Time Zone: Set the time zone of the player.


Daylight Savings: Enable / disable daylight saving for your location.

Firmware Settings:


Firmware Version: Displays the current firmware version.


File System Version: Displays the file system version


Firmware Update Link: This is a link to the NeoDigits Firmware update

11) Appendix

How to check your computer’s IP address in a LAN

a) For windows XP, 2000 and NT system

1. Click the Start button and select All Programs (XP) or Programs (NT and 2000)
2. Select Accessories, then Command Prompt (2000 and XP), or Command Prompt (NT)
3. At the command prompt, enter: ipconfig /all
4. You will see your computer’s Host name, DNS servers, Physical address, IP address,
Subnet mask, Default gateway and WINS servers information
5. To close the command prompt, enter: exit

b) For Windows 95, 98, and Me

1. Click the Start button and select Run
2. Type winipcfg and click OK
3. From the drop-down menu, select the adapter being used for your connection:
[NB: Select the Ethernet adapter if you're connected to a LAN or a broadband connection

Select the wireless adapter if you're connected via wireless]
4. The IP address will appear in its labeled field