X3000 HD User Manual

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On your NeoLink server preferences, use the “service” section select which
online services are made available to the X3000.
The Web Bookmark option lets you share your web bookmarks from your
internet browser with your X3000.
To open a web bookmark, on your X3000 open your NeoLink server and then
open the “Online Media” section

How to write text using your HELIOS remote control

To enter text like a URL, IP address etc using your remote control use the

numeric buttons on the remote control the same way you would on a mobile
phone to write a text message.

e.g. Type the letter “C” by pressing the [2] button three times.
To clear text that you entered press [Clear]
To move from left or right in a piece of text use the [<] and [>] (left and Right)

cursor keys.

Unlike a mobile phone / computer the blinking cursor appears behind (left hand
side) the character you’re about to enter, not in front.

Changing the Front Panel Display

While watching a movie, some users prefer to switch the font panel display to

shoe time remaining or turn off the display completely.
To do so,
During video and audio playback, pressing [Clear] repeatedly on your remote

control lets you go through different display options on your player’s front panel..
The following options are available:

A. Elapsed Time (default)

B. Time Remaining
C. File / Track / Chapter number

D. Off (no data displayed)

Playing DRM content on your HELIOS?

To play DRM (Digital Rights Management) enabled content, you will first need a
valid certificate / authority to play the content. For example, to play a Windows

Media VHD disc, you need is to have MS Media connect installed on your

Then save the media content to your hard drive or leave load the disc in your
computer’s DVD ROM and enable sharing of your DVD ROM in MS Media

NeoLink and WMC talk to each other via the UPnP protocol. This enables you

stream the content to your HELIOS player. To allow NeoLink and Windows Media
Connect to work together, open NeoLink and go to Edit Î Preferences Î
General. Then click the “Media Server” tab and check the “Windows Media

Connect” box. Then press Ok.

Creating and using web bookmarks on your HELIOS

A really great feature of the HELIOS Network media players is the ability to
access bookmarks saved on your computer web browser using NeoLink.

You can bookmark anything from simple web pages to an RSS feed of local