X3000 HD User Manual

Page 24

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If you have the NeoLink media server software installed on a computer on your network,
you can play video, audio and photo content stored on the network.
When the HELIOS X3000 is connected to the network it will detect all computers running
the NeoLink Server software.
All server names of computers running the NeoLink will be listed on the home page
displayed on your TV.
To play content from a computer on the network, simply use the cursor on the remote
control to select the server on the list and press <enter>. Then use the NeoLink browser
to select the content you wish to play.

Through NeoLink’s Online Media option you can also access all online content that is
bookmarked on your media server (web pages, Web Radio & TV, RSS feeds, podcasts
For more information on NeoLink Server software installation and setup see the NeoLink
user guide.

9) Operating the HELIOS X3000