X3000 HD User Manual

Page 25

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Setting your system browser

The System browser is used to display and navigate around the player’s system menus
and settings. You have the option of enabling HD (high definition) mode on your Browser
When the browser is in HD mode, more information can be displayed on the screen but
text and icons will be smaller.
To change the Browser mode, Press <Setup> on the remote control to open the System
Setup. Use the cursor keys to go to the “Browser Option”. And then press <Enter> to
check or uncheck the box which enables the HD Mode, then select <Save> to reboot and
validate changes.

DVD / VCD / CD setup and playback

a) Inserting


To open the tray, press the EJECT button on the remote control or on the front panel of
the player. It will take a few seconds for the tray to open after the EJECT button has been

NB: Press the eject button more than once may result in the disc tray closing again.

b) Close the tray

Press the EJECT button on the remote controller or on the front panel of the player, the
player will automatically detect the disc and play its content.

c) Disable automatic playback

If you want to disable automatic playback feature, just press “setup” button to enter the
player’s setup, choose “DVD Setup”

Î “Enable Auto Play” to “off”.