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2) Before Use

What’s-in-the-box checklist

• One HELIOS X3000 HD Upscaling Multimedia & DVD player

• One Remote Control

• Two AA batteries for remote control

• One HDMI digital video connection cable

• One RCA audio video cable

• One



• One Quick Start Guide

Overview of HELIOS X3000

Main features

• High Definition Upscaling DVD Player up to 1080P(1920x1080) resolution

• High Definition Network Media Player
• Video (standard and high definition)/audio/picture media file playback

• Built-in 10/100M LAN and 54M 802.11G WIFI

• HELIOS Media Portal* (Online radio, television and news broadcasts)

• Streams video/audio from network computer running HELIOS NeoLink

software**or third party UPnP compatible server software’s (Windows Media
Connect, Nero Digital Software)

• Built-in web browser supports HTML, RSS feed, Internet music and Internet Video

• Supports USB 2.0 Mass Storage devices

• Multi-language support: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch

* Requires a Broadband Internet Connection
** Requires a PC running Windows XP/2K

Supported Discs and formats

Video Formats

NB: All figures below are peak values