X3000 HD User Manual

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browser to select the content you wish to play.
The default media that NeoLink makes available to your X3000 is the contents of the
My documents folder (My Music, My Videos, My Pictures).

You can change the default folder or configure what content is available via the
NeoLink server by opening NeoLink on your computer and changing the
preferences. For each media type (Music, Video and Photos) you can share more
folders by adding them to the watch folder. Watch folders can also be on another
computer / storage device, so long as the computer running NeoLink has a
connection to that location.

To play Online Media ( Web Radio, TV, PodCasts, RSS feeds...)

You can play a wide variety of internet content on your TV using your X3000.
Some examples of content that can be played are web radio, IPTV, podcasts, web
pages including RSS feeds of you selection
To access internet you have three options:

1. HELIOS Media portal
On the player’s home page there will be an icon for HELIOS Media portal. The
media portal is a web page hosted by NeoDigits. Clicking on the media portal
icon will open this page where you can browse a catalogue of online media
from various sources. This page is updated regularly based on user feedback.
2. Enter URL
If you know the URL (web address) of content you wish to view you can press
the <URL> button on your remote control. This opens a small text box at the
bottom of the screen. Simply enter the URL using the numeric key pad and
press <Enter> to go to that address.
Note, to enter text, use the numeric buttons like a mobile phone, i.e. type ‘c’ by
pressing ‘2’ three times.
3. NeoLink Online Media
Through the Online Media section of NeoLink you can build your own
customized collection of bookmarks for internet content.