X3000 HD User Manual

Page 8

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6. Pause button
7. Stop button
8. Previous button
9. Next button

4) Front panel Display

1. DVD logo. This logo will show up when a DVD disc is being played.

2. Show playback status: Play / Pause / Repeat

3. Video mode display
4. Main information display: show playback elapsed time, player’s status.
5. When connect to Neolink, this status bar will show if the player is playing

movie, music or photo. When playing internet contents, it will show “INTER”

5) Rear panel

1. LAN (RJ45) connector.
2. HDMI digital video output.
3. S-video output
4. Composite video output
5. Component video output
6. Coaxial digital audio output
7. Optical digital audio output
8. 2 channel(left and right) stereo audio outputs
9. Center channel audio output