X3000 HD User Manual

Page 23

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* You can check the “appendix” section for checking the IP address of the computer in the

To setup wireless connection

1. Turn on the HELIOS X3000 player
2. Click the “Setup” button on the remote control to enter the setup menu
3. Under “Wireless”

Î “preferred network”, change to wireless network.

4. Reboot the player.
5. Repeat 2, under “wireless”, set up the SSID, encryption and other parameters of your
wireless LAN settings.

How to install NeoLink server software on your computer

The HELIOS X3000 is able to access computers on your LAN/ WLAN and play content
therein. To do so, however, you will need to install the NeoLink Server software on your
The server software can be downloaded from the link below:

When installing the software, ensure that your firewall or Windows XP firewall will not
prevent you from downloading this software. Remember to open the TCP/ IP port 8000.
Refer to Windows documentation for instructions if needed.