About the sleep mode of the reader – Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Getting Started

To turn off the Reader

Slide the POWER switch again.
The Reader is turned off and enters sleep mode.
To stop consuming battery power, use “Device Shutdown” in
the “Advanced Settings” menu. (

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About the sleep mode of the Reader

You can set the Reader to automatically enter sleep mode.
When the sleep mode setting is activated, the Reader
automatically enters sleep mode after 60 minutes of
inactivity, at which point, the battery power is consumed
slightly. The sleep mode setting is activated by default.


• If you turn on the Reader in sleep mode, the last displayed page

appears (resume function).

• You can activate/deactivate sleep mode in the “Settings” menu.


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• You can minimize battery consumption by using “Device Shutdown”

in the “Advanced Settings” menu. (

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• In the following states, the Reader will not automatically turn off,

even if no operation is performed for 60 minutes.

– When connected to a computer using the supplied USB cable

– When connected to the AC Adapter for Reader (AC-S5220E)

(optional) to charge


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