Installing ebook library – Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Getting Started

Installing eBook Library

eBook Library is the content management software you use
with the Reader.


• The Internet connection is required to install eBook Library.

• Your computer needs to meet the minimum system requirements

for eBook Library. For details, see “System Requirements.”


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Make sure the Reader and your computer are turned

on, then connect them via USB. (

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The “Installer for Reader” window appears.


• If you have disabled the AutoPlay feature of Windows, start the

install launcher that is stored on the Reader manually. From the

Start menu, click “My Computer” (“Computer” in the case of Vista)

- “Installer for Reader” - “Windows” - “Setup eBook Library.”

Click “Installing eBook Library” in the “Installer for

Reader” window, then follow the on-screen


To install eBook Library in Macintosh

When the Reader is connected to your computer,
“LAUNCHER” appears on the desktop. Click it - “Mac” -
“Setup eBook Library,” and then follow the on-screen


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