Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Getting Started


• While charging via USB, the Reader cannot be operated.

• Do not leave the Reader connected to a notebook computer

which is not connected to an AC outlet for an extended period. It

will consume the battery of the notebook computer.

• Connecting the Reader via a USB hub or extension cable may not

work and is not supported. Connect the USB cable directly to the


• If the Reader in the shutdown state is connected to your

computer, although charging is in progress (charge indicator lights

up in red),

will not appear on the Reader for at least 40

minutes. Be sure to turn on the Reader before the USB


• At purchase, the Reader is in the shutdown state. Be sure to turn

on the Reader before the USB connection.

• While the Reader is connected to your computer, do not turn on,

restart, wake up from sleep mode, or shut down the computer.

These operations may cause the Reader to malfunction.

Disconnect the Reader from the computer before performing

these operations.

To check the battery status

You can verify the remaining battery power by checking the
battery indicator in the bottom left of the screen. Charge the
battery when remaining power is low (the fewer black
segments indicated, the lower the remaining power).



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