Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

Page 45

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Reading Books


• When the texts on a PDF or EPUB file are magnified, the page is

divided into multiple sections. To display the rest of the page, press


/// buttons.

• When the text on an EPUB file is magnified, the page number of

some divided sections may be displayed as “3-4,” for example,

which implies that you are viewing a section between page 3 and



• If you change the text size of a BBeB, Text or RTF file, the total

page number displayed on the Reader increases with the number

of divided sections.

• When you view PDF files in M or L size, the page layout is adjusted

automatically to fit the screen size. In certain situations, only text

may appear at these sizes as some tables and graphics may be

reformatted and altered (the same applies to Adobe Reader’s

Reflow view). In these cases, viewing in S size will retain the

original formatting.

• Due to the difference in screen size between the Reader and

eBook Library, the total number of pages of BBeB, Text or RTF files

may differ.



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