Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Importing and Transferring Content

Connect the Reader to your computer using the

supplied USB cable. (

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eBook Library starts and synchronizes content in the
Library with the Reader automatically.


• If eBook Library does not start automatically, start it manually.

• If the Reader in the shutdown state is connected to your

computer, the Reader will not be recognized by your computer.

Make sure to turn on the Reader before the USB connection.


• eBook Library also starts synchronizing content in Library with the

Reader automatically in the following situations:

 When you start eBook Library after connecting the Reader to

your computer.

 After a period of time when any changes have been made to the

specified folder.

• You can also synchronize content in the computer drive with the

Reader by specifying a folder as a favorite folder. For details, refer

to the eBook Library Help.


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