Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Importing and Transferring Content


• If there is not enough free space on the internal memory of the

Reader, content may not be transferable. The internal memory of

the Reader can be increased in the following 2 ways.

 Transfer any unnecessary content back to eBook Library, then

delete it to increase free space on the Reader.

 Delete any unnecessary book on the Reader. (

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• Do not delete files in the folder under “database,” and files in

“database” on your computer. Perform data management using

eBook Library. For details on the eBook Library operations, refer to

the eBook Library Help.

• You can annotate books in eBook Library. However, the Reader

can display only bookmarks and will not display other annotations

such as highlights or comments.

• If bookmarks which include comments are transferred to the

Reader, only the bookmarks will be displayed.

To transfer content back to eBook Library

Slide the POWER switch.

The Reader is turned on.

Connect the Reader to your computer using the

supplied USB cable. (

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eBook Library starts automatically and “Reader”
appears in the Source view of eBook Library.



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