Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

Page 69

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Cause or corrective action

The Reader cannot

be recognized.


Use the supplied USB cable.

There may be a malfunction with the

USB port on your computer. Connect

the supplied USB cable to another

port on the computer.

It may take a while for the software to

be recognized by the computer. Wait

for a moment.

If none of the above solves the

problem, perform “Device Shutdown,”

press the RESET button of the

Reader, turn on the Reader again,

and then reconnect the supplied

USB cable.


connection via USB)

does not appear

when connected to

your computer via


 The Reader is in the shutdown state.

Disconnect it from your computer,

turn it on, then reconnect it.

 Battery power has been fully

depleted. Charge the Reader via

USB. (

page 11

) The charge

indicator lights up in red and

charging starts. Wait for at least 40

minutes until the Reader turns on

automatically and

appears on

the screen.



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