Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Reading Books


• The bookmarks created on the Reader can be displayed on eBook

Library 3.0 or later. Earlier versions of eBook Library will not

display them.

• You can annotate books in eBook Library. However, the Reader

can display only bookmarks and will not display other annotations

such as highlights or comments.

• If the bookmarks which include comments are transferred to the

Reader, only the bookmarks can be displayed.

• Highlights and highlights with comments are not converted into

bookmarks after transferring the book to the Reader.

• By adjusting the text size, the displayed bookmark on the adjusted

page may contain a variety of bookmark information. Note that all

this bookmark information on the page will be deleted if the

bookmark is removed.

To open a bookmarked page on the current


On the book page, press the (Return) button to

display the “Options” menu, then select


the desired page.


• If the book is opened from “All Bookmarks,” pressing the

(Return) button will not display the “Options” menu. To display the

“Options” menu, return to the “Home” menu, select “Continue

Reading,” then press the (Return) button. (

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