Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Getting Started

(Return) button

Goes to an upper menu or cancels the operation.

(Bookmark) button

Creates/Removes a bookmark. (

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(Size) button

Adjusts the text size or switches the screen orientation.

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Number (1 – 9,0) buttons

• Selects the numbered items on the list screen.
• Inputs the page number that you want to jump to on the

book page.

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• Enters a numeric value on the “Settings” menu.

POWER switch

Switches on/off the Reader. (

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Charge indicator

Lights up in red while charging, and goes off when
charging is complete. (

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Flashes in orange when your computer starts accessing
the Reader via USB.
Also flashes in orange when switching the Reader on or

Holes for cover attachment

Used to attach the cover (optional).

Hole for hand strap

Used to attach the hand strap.



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