Switching screen orientation (vertical/horizonta, Switching screen orientation (vertical/horizontal) – Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Reading Books

Switching screen orientation (vertical/


You can set the screen orientation to vertical or horizontal.

On the book page or list screen, press and hold the

(Size) button.

The screen orientation is switched.
To switch back, press and hold the (Size) button again.


• You can also change the screen orientation from the “Settings”

menu. (

page 57


About screen division when screen orientation

is set to horizontal

When set to horizontal, the book page is divided into 2 parts
(upper and lower).

Press the /

button to display

rest of page

Position indicator


• You can also display the rest of the page by pressing the


buttons. When links are on the page, pressing the

/ buttons

moves the cursor on the links first, and then turns pages after the

cursor is moved to the uppermost or lowest link on the page.



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