Turning on the reader – Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

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Getting Started

Turning on the Reader

Slide the POWER switch to turn on the Reader. Make sure
to turn on the Reader before connecting to your computer.

The Reader is turned on.
 When the Reader is turned on for the first time after

purchase, the welcome screen appears. Press the Enter
button to proceed to the next screen and set the “Menu
Language” and “Date and Time Format” settings. For
details about the settings, see “Settings menu items.” (

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 It may take a few moments to turn on the Reader and the

start-up screen to appear when used for the first time, after
a reset or shutdown, or when the battery has been
The charge indicator lights up in orange when the Reader
turns on.


• If the Reader is not turned on, charging is required. For details, see

“Charging the Reader.” (

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