Sony PRS-300LC User Manual

Page 68

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Connection to the computer


Cause or corrective action

The Reader cannot

be operated during

USB connection.

Disconnect the USB connector from

the Reader.

The Reader cannot

be recognized.

The Reader is turned off or the USB

cable is not connected properly.

Verify the above and try again.

A USB hub or USB extension cable

is used for the connection.

Connecting the Reader via a USB

hub or extension cable may not work

and is not supported. Connect the

USB cable directly to the computer.

Verify that

(indicating connection

via USB) is displayed at the top of

the Reader’s screen. If the Reader

still cannot be recognized,

disconnect the USB cable from the

Reader, then reconnect it after a


If “Device Lock” of the Reader is set

to “On,” set it to “Off.” If the Reader is

locked, it will not be recognized on

your computer.

While the Reader is connected to a

computer, do not turn on, restart,

wake up from sleep mode, or shut

down the computer. These

operations may render the Reader

unrecognizable by the computer.

Disconnect the Reader from the

computer before performing these




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