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Care of the camera

Do not subject to strong vibration, shock, or pressure.

The lens, monitor, or external case may be damaged if used in the following conditions.
It may also malfunction or image may not be recorded if you:

Drop or hit the camera.

Press hard on the lens or the monitor.

This camera is not dust/drip/water proof.
Avoid using the camera in places with a lot of dust, water, sand, etc.

Liquid, sand and other foreign material may get into the space around the lens, buttons, etc. Be
particularly careful since it may not just cause malfunctions, but it may also become irreparable.

Places with a lot of sand or dust.

Places where water can come into contact with this unit, such as when using it on a rainy day
or at the beach.

Do not place your hands inside the mount of the digital camera body. Since the
sensor unit is a precision apparatus, it may cause a malfunction or damage.

About Condensation (When the lens, the viewfinder or monitor is fogged up)

Condensation occurs when the ambient temperature or humidity changes. Be careful of
condensation since it causes lens, viewfinder and monitor stains, fungus and camera

If condensation occurs, turn the camera off and leave it for about 2 hours. The fog will
disappear naturally when the temperature of the camera becomes close to the ambient

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