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Menu list

This menu lets you set the aspect ratio, number of pixels and other aspects of the pictures
you are recording.

[Photo Style], [Metering Mode], [Highlight Shadow], [i.Dynamic], [i.Resolution] and [Digital
Zoom] are common to both the [Rec] menu and [Motion Picture] menu. Changing these
settings in one of these menus is reflected in other menu.


[Photo Style]

You can select effects to match the type of image you wish to
record. You can adjust the color and image quality of the
effects. (P40)

[Aspect Ratio]

Sets the aspect ratio of the image. (P43)

[Picture Size]

Set the number of pixels. (P44)


Set the compression rate at which the pictures are to be stored.

[Metering Mode]

Sets the light metering method for measuring brightness.

[Burst Rate]

Sets the burst speed for burst recording.

[Auto Bracket]

Sets single/burst recording, compensation range and recording
sequence for Auto Bracket recording. (P53)

[Self Timer]

Sets the manner in which the self-timer works. (P54)

[Highlight Shadow]

You can adjust the brightness of bright and dark portions on an
image while checking the brightness on the screen. (P42)

[i.Dynamic] (Intelligent
dynamic range control)

Adjusts the contrast and exposure.


Records pictures with more defined outlines and sense of


You can combine 3 pictures with different levels of exposure
into a single picture with rich gradation.

[Multi Exp.]

Gives an effect like multi exposure. (up to 4 times equivalent
per a single image)

[Time Lapse Shot]

You can set the recording start time, the recording interval and
the number of pictures, and automatically record subjects such
as animals and plants as time elapses.

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