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Selecting the Recording Mode

Select the mode by rotating the mode dial.

Rotate the mode dial slowly to select the desired mode A.

Intelligent Auto Mode (P32)

The subjects are recorded using settings automatically selected by the camera.

Intelligent Auto Plus Mode (P32)

Allows you to adjust the brightness and color hue when in Intelligent Auto Mode.

Program AE Mode (P34)

Records at the aperture value and shutter speed set by the camera.

Aperture-Priority AE Mode (P35)

The shutter speed is automatically determined by the aperture value you set.

Shutter-Priority AE Mode (P35)

The aperture value is automatically determined by the shutter speed you set.

Manual Exposure Mode (P36)

The exposure is adjusted by the aperture value and the shutter speed which are
manually adjusted.

Creative Video Mode

Records motion pictures with a manually set aperture value and shutter speed.

¢ You cannot take still pictures.

Custom Mode (P39)

Use this mode to take pictures with previously registered settings.

Scene Guide Mode (P37)

This mode allows you to take pictures that match the scene being recorded.

Creative Control Mode (P38)

Record while checking the image effect.

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