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This menu lets you set the Protection, Cropping or Print Settings, etc. of recorded pictures.


[2D/3D Settings]

Switches the playback method for 3D images.

[Slide Show]

Selects the type etc. of the images and plays back in order.

[Playback Mode]

Selects the type etc. of the images and plays back only
particular images.

[Location Logging]

The location information (longitude/latitude) acquired by the
smartphone/tablet can be sent to the camera and written in

[Clear Retouch]

You can erase unnecessary parts recorded on the pictures
taken. (P62)

[Title Edit]

Input texts (comments) on the recorded pictures.

[Text Stamp]

Stamps the recorded pictures with recording date and time,
names, travel destination, travel date, etc.

[Video Divide]

Splits the recorded motion picture in two.

[Time Lapse Video]

Creates a motion picture from a set of group pictures recorded
with the [Time Lapse Shot].

[Stop Motion Video]

Creates a motion picture from the Stop Motion Animation


Reduces the image size (number of pixels).


Crops the recorded image.


Rotate pictures manually in 90o steps.

[Rotate Disp.]

This mode allows you to display pictures vertically if they were
recorded holding the camera vertically.


Marks can be added to images, and images can be set as

[Print Set]

Sets the images for printing and the number of prints.


Protects images to prevent deletion by mistake.

[Face Rec Edit]

Removes or changes information relating to personal identity.

[Delete Confirmation]

This sets which option, [Yes] or [No], will be highlighted first
when the confirmation screen for deleting a picture is

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