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Adjust the angle of the monitor/viewfinder.

Be careful not to catch your finger, etc. in the monitor/viewfinder.

When adjusting the angle of the monitor/viewfinder, be careful not to apply too much
force, as this may cause damage or malfunction.

When not using this unit, close the monitor/viewfinder completely back to the original position.

Using the eye sensor to switch between the Monitor and Viewfinder
When [LVF/Monitor Auto] of [Eye Sensor] in the [Custom]
menu is set to [ON] and your eye or an object is brought close
to the viewfinder, the display automatically switches to the
viewfinder display.

A Eye sensor
B [LVF]/[Fn4] button

Switching the Monitor/Viewfinder manually

Press [LVF].

The Viewfinder lights only when your eye or an object is moved closer to it.

Diopter adjustment
Slide the diopter adjustment lever so that the
characters displayed in the viewfinder can be
seen clearly.

Adjust the angle of the monitor/viewfinder

Using the Viewfinder

[LVF]/[Fn4] button can be used in two ways, as [LVF] or as [Fn4] (function 4). At the
time of purchase, it is initially set to [LVF/Monitor Switch].

Refer to P23 for details about the function button.


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