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Registering your preferred settings

(Custom Mode)

Recording Mode:

You can register the current camera settings as custom settings. If you then record in
Custom Mode, you can use the registered settings.

Initial setting of the Program AE Mode is registered as the custom settings initially.

To allow recording using the same settings, up to 5 sets of current camera settings can be
registered using [Cust.Set Mem.]. (


, , ,



Select the menu.


Press 3/4 to select the custom set to register and then press

Confirmation screen is displayed. It is executed when [Yes] is selected.
Exit the menu after it is executed.

You can easily call up the settings you have registered using [Cust.Set Mem.].

Set the mode dial to [

] or [


The custom set registered for [

] or [

] is called up.


Set the mode dial to [


The custom set registered for [

], [

] or [

] is called up. The most recently

used custom set is called up.

To change a custom set
> To steps





Registering Personal Menu Settings (Registering custom settings)

Preparations: Set in advance the Recording Mode you wish to save and select the

desired menu settings on the camera.


> [Custom]>[Cust.Set Mem.]

Recording using registered custom set

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