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Taking Pictures with Manual Focus

Applicable modes:

Use this function when you want to fix the focus or when the distance between the lens
and the subject is determined and you do not want to activate Auto Focus.


Set the focus mode lever to [MF].


Use the focus lever or focus ring on the lens to achieve focus.

A Indicator for

¶ (infinity)

When you focus manually, display is switched to the
assist screen and the image is enlarged (MF Assist B).

When [Peaking] in the [Custom] menu is set to [ON],
in-focus portions are highlighted (C).

When [MF Guide] on the [Custom] menu is set to [ON]
and you focus manually, the MF guide D is displayed on
the screen. You can check whether the point of focus is
to the near side or the far side.

Displaying the MF Assist

It can be displayed by rotating the focus ring, moving the focus lever, pinching out (P15) the
screen, or touching the screen twice. (In the Creative Control Mode [Miniature Effect], MF
Assistance cannot be displayed by touching the screen)

It can also be displayed by pressing 2 to display the setup screen for the enlarged area,
deciding the area to enlarge using the cursor button, and then pressing [MENU/SET].

It will switch to the setting screen for the enlarged area by pressing the cursor button when the
[Direct Focus Area] in the [Custom] menu is set to [ON].

Changing the display of the MF Assist
Each time the rear dial is pressed, an enlarged display switches between a windowed
screen display and a full screen display.





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