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Press [MENU/SET] to display the menu.


Press 2/1 to select the custom setting you want to use, and then
press [MENU/SET].

Changing the settings
Registered contents do not change when the menu setting is changed temporarily with the
mode dial set to



. To change the registered settings, overwrite the

registered content using [Cust.Set Mem.] on the custom settings menu.

Adjusting the Picture Quality by Adding an Effect

[Photo Style]

Applicable modes:

6 effects can be selected to match the image you wish to record. It is possible to adjust the
items such as color or picture quality of the effect to your desire.

¢ This is disabled when Intelligent Auto Plus (

) Mode is selected.


> [Rec]>[Photo Style]


Description of settings


This is the standard setting.



Brilliant effect with high saturation and contrast.



Soft effect with low saturation.


Monochrome effect with no color shades.



An effect appropriate for sceneries with vivid blue skies and



An effect appropriate for portraits with a healthy and beautiful
skin tone.



Use the setting registered in advance.

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