Panasonic DMC-GX7SBODY User Manual

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[Stop Motion Animation]

A stop motion picture is created by splicing pictures together.

[Panorama Settings]

Sets the recording direction and image effect for panorama

[Electronic Shutter]

The shutter sound can be turned off for recording in a quiet

[Shutter Delay]

To reduce the influence of hand shake, the shutter is released
when a specified time period has elapsed since the shutter
button was pressed.


Sets the manner in which the flash works. (P60)

[Red-Eye Removal]

Automatically detects red-eye caused by the flash and corrects
the image data accordingly.

[ISO Limit Set]

When the ISO sensitivity is set to [AUTO] or [

], an optimal

ISO sensitivity is set with the selected value as an upper limit.

[ISO Increments]

The ISO sensitivity settings values changes in steps of 1/3 EV
or 1 EV.

[Extended ISO]

ISO sensitivity can be set up to minimum [ISO125].

[Long Shtr NR]

You can eliminate the noise caused by recording with a slower
shutter speed.

[Shading Comp.]

If the screen periphery darkens as a result of lens
characteristics, the brightness in this region will be corrected.

[Ex. Tele Conv.]

When the number of pixels is set to anything other than [L], the
Tele effect is increased without degradation in image quality.

[Digital Zoom]

Increases the Tele effect. The higher the level of magnification,
the greater the degradation in image quality.

[Color Space]

Set this when you want to correct the color reproduction of the
recorded pictures on a PC, printer etc.


When camera shake is sensed during recording, the camera
corrects it automatically.

[Face Recog.]

Sets the focus and exposure automatically prioritizing
registered faces.

[Profile Setup]

If you set the name and birthday of your baby or pet in
advance, you can record their name and age in months and
years in the images.

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