Panasonic DMC-GX7SBODY User Manual

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Cautions for Use

Do not use any other USB connection cables except the supplied one or a genuine Panasonic
USB connection cable (DMW-USBC1: optional).

Use a “High Speed HDMI mini cable” with the HDMI logo.
Cables that do not comply with the HDMI standards will not work.
“High Speed HDMI mini cable” (Type C –Type A plug, up to 3 m (9.8 feet) long)

Always use a genuine Panasonic AV cable (DMW-AVC1: optional).

Always use a genuine Panasonic shutter remote control (DMW-RSL1: optional).

Keep this unit as far away as possible from electromagnetic equipment (such as
microwave ovens, TVs, video games etc.).

If you use this unit on top of or near a TV, the pictures and/or sound on this unit may be
disrupted by electromagnetic wave radiation.

Do not use this unit near cell phones because doing so may result in noise adversely affecting
the pictures and/or sound.

Recorded data may be damaged, or pictures may be distorted, by strong magnetic fields
created by speakers or large motors.

Electromagnetic wave radiation generated by microprocessors may adversely affect this unit,
disturbing the pictures and/or sound.

If this unit is adversely affected by electromagnetic equipment and stops functioning properly,
turn this unit off and remove the battery or disconnect AC adaptor (DMW-AC8PP: optional).
Then reinsert the battery or reconnect AC adaptor and turn this unit on.

Do not use this unit near radio transmitters or high-voltage lines.

If you record near radio transmitters or high-voltage lines, the recorded pictures and/or sound
may be adversely affected.

-If you see this symbol-

Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the
European Union
This symbol is only valid in the European Union.
If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local
authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.

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