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This menu lets you perform the clock settings, select the operating beep tone settings and
set other settings which make it easier for you to operate the camera.
You can also configure the settings of Wi-Fi related functions.


[Clock Set]

Setting Date/Time.

[World Time]

Sets the times for the region where you live and your holiday

[Travel Date]

Departure date and return date of the trip as well as the name
of the travel destination can be set.


Configure the each setting for Wi-Fi functions.


Set the volume for electronic noises and the electronic shutter

[Speaker Volume]

Adjust the volume of the speaker to any of 7 levels.

[Monitor Display]/

Brightness, color, or red or blue tint of the Monitor/viewfinder is

[Monitor Luminance]

Set the monitor brightness to suit the amount of surrounding


Suppresses the unit’s power consumption to prevent the
battery from being run down.

[USB Mode]

Sets the communication method when connecting using the
USB connection cable (supplied).


This sets how the unit connects to a television etc.

[VIERA Link]

Equipment that supports the VIERA Link will connect

[3D Playback]

Set the output method for 3D pictures.

[Menu Resume]

Stores the location of the last-used menu item for each menu.

[Menu Background]

Set the background color for the menu screen.

[Menu Information]

Descriptions of menu items or their settings are displayed on
the menu screen.

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