Panasonic DMC-GX7SBODY User Manual

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[Constant Preview]

You can check the effects of the chosen aperture and shutter
speed on the recording screen in Manual Exposure Mode.


Set whether or not to display the exposure meter.

[Dial Guide]

Set whether or not to display the dial operation guide.

[LVF Disp.Style]

This will set the display style of the viewfinder.

[Monitor Disp. Style]

This will set the display style of the monitor.

[Monitor Info. Disp.]

Display the recording information screen.

[Rec Area]

This changes the angle of view during motion picture recording
and still picture recording.

[Remaining Disp.]

This will switch display between the number of recordable
pictures and available recording time.

[Auto Review]

Set the length of time that the picture is displayed after taking
the still picture.

[Fn Button Set]

You can assign frequently-used functions to particular buttons
or icons. (P23)


Switch the setting method of Quick Menu. (P22)

[Dial Set.]

Changes the operation methods of the front dial and rear dial.

[Video Button]

Enables/disables the motion picture button.

[Power Zoom Lens]

Sets the screen display and lens operations when using an
interchangeable lens that is compatible with power zoom
(electrically operated zoom).

[Eye Sensor]

This will set the sensitivity of the eye sensor.
This will set whether to automatically switch the display from
the Monitor to the Viewfinder when your eye or an object is
brought closer to the eye sensor.

[Touch Settings]

Enables/disables the Touch operation.

[Touch Scroll]

This allows you to set the speed of continuously forwarding or
rewinding pictures using touch operation.

[Menu Guide]

Set the screen that is displayed when the mode dial is set to

and .

[Shoot w/o Lens]

Sets whether or not the shutter can be released when no lens
is attached to the main body.

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