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This menu lets you set the [Rec Format], [Rec Quality], and other aspects for motion
picture recording.

[Photo Style], [Metering Mode], [Highlight Shadow], [i.Dynamic], [i.Resolution] and [Digital
Zoom] are common to both the [Rec] menu and [Motion Picture] menu. Changing these
settings in one of these menus is reflected in other menu.

For details, refer to the explanation for the corresponding setting in the [Rec] menu.

Operation of the unit, such as displaying of the screen and button operations, can be set
up according to your preferences. Also, it is possible to register the modified settings.

[Motion Picture]

[Rec Format]

Sets the file format for the motion pictures you record.

[Rec Quality]

This sets up the picture quality of motion pictures.

[Exposure Mode]

Select the method for setting the aperture value and shutter
speed in Creative Video Mode.

[Picture Mode]

Sets the recording method for still pictures during motion
picture recording.

[Continuous AF]

Continues to focus on the subject for which focus has been

[Rec Highlight]

White saturated areas appear blinking in black and white.

[Ex. Tele Conv.]

Increases the Tele effect. (P59)

[Flkr Decrease]

The shutter speed can be fixed to reduce the flicker or striping
in the motion picture.

[Silent Operation]

Enables touch operations to allow silent use while recording
motion pictures.

[Mic Level Disp.]

Set whether or not the mic levels are displayed on the
recording screen.

[Mic Level Adj.]

Adjust the sound input level to 4 different levels.

[Wind Cut]

This prevents the recording of wind-noise automatically.


[Cust.Set Mem.]

Registers the current camera settings as custom set.

[Silent Mode]

Disables operational sounds and output of light at once.

[AF/AE Lock]

Sets the fixed content for focusing and exposure when the AF/
AE lock is on.

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