Panasonic DMC-GX7SBODY User Manual

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[AF/AE Lock Hold]

This will set the operation of [AF/AE LOCK] button when taking
a picture with fixed focus or exposure.

[Shutter AF]

Set whether or not the focus is adjusted automatically when the
shutter button is pressed halfway.

[Half Press Release]

The shutter will immediately fire when the shutter button is
pressed halfway.


Sets the focus method. (P45)

[Quick AF]

Speeds up the focusing that takes place when you press the
shutter button.

[Eye Sensor AF]

The camera automatically adjusts the focus when the eye
sensor is active.

[Pinpoint AF Time]

Sets the time for which the screen is enlarged when the shutter
button is pressed halfway with Auto Focus Mode set to [


[AF Assist Lamp]

AF assist lamp will illuminate the subject when the shutter
button is pressed half-way making it easier for the camera to
focus when recording in low light conditions.

[Direct Focus Area]

Moves the AF area or MF assist using the cursor button when

[Focus/Release Priority]

It will set so no picture can be taken when it is out of focus.


You can set the focus manually after the automatic focus has

[MF Assist]

Sets the display method of MF Assist (enlarged screen).

[MF Guide]

When you set the focus manually, an MF guide that allows you
to check the direction to achieve focus is displayed.


In-focus portions are highlighted when focus is being adjusted


This allows you to set either to display or not display the

[Guide Line]

This will set the pattern of guide lines displayed when taking a


When the Auto Review function is activated or when playing
back, white saturated areas appear blinking in black and white.

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