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Setting the Menu


Press [MENU/SET].


Press 3/4 of the cursor button to select the menu item and press


Press 3/4 of the cursor button to select the
setting and press [MENU/SET].

Depending on the menu item, its setting may not appear
or it may be displayed in a different way.

Close the menu
Press [

] or press the shutter button halfway.

Setting menu items


Description of settings


This menu lets you set the aspect ratio, number of pixels
and other aspects of the pictures you are recording.

[Motion Picture]

This menu lets you set the [Rec Format], [Rec Quality],
and other aspects for motion picture recording.


Operation of the unit, such as displaying of the screen
and button operations, can be set up according to your
preferences. Also, it is possible to register the modified


This menu lets you perform the clock settings, select the
operating beep tone settings and set other settings
which make it easier for you to operate the camera.
You can also configure the settings of Wi-Fi related


This menu lets you set the Protection, Cropping or Print
Settings, etc. of recorded pictures.

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