Intek RheoVac CMS User Manual

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September 2013


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2.2.4 4-20mA Transmitter Box (optional) – For driving eight (8) remote 4-20 mA analog


The 4-20mA transmitter component is optional, see Figure 7. Note: Intek recommends using the

network connection for all data transmissions and communications with the RheoVac MSP.

1. Connect the DeviceNet 5711 cable. The color code for this cable is: RS-485

communications: white (A), blue (B) and shield (SH); power: 24Vdc, red (+), and black


2. Connect up to eight (8) signal wire pairs to the indicated terminals for isolated 4-20mA


3. CMS 4-20mA transmitters are configured as active (transmitter sources the current) when

shipped. To change to the passive mode (receiver to source the current), extract each
small 4-20 board, find the JP1 pins, and move the two jumpers from the “Act” pins to the
“Pass” pins (two positions to the right of factory settings). Figure 8 shows the current
output circuit. Figure 8 also illustrates the active mode and the passive mode

4. Refer to Section 4.1 for general information on standard transmitter channel-to-

instrument output mapping. Refer to SECTION 8 - CUSTOM INFORMATION for
transmitter channel-to-instrument 4-20mA outputs mapping.

Figure 7: Optional 4-20mA Transmitter Box