Section 6 - maintenance guide, Waterbox instruments, Calibration – Intek RheoVac CMS User Manual

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September 2013


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This section provides a guide for typical operations interaction with the components of the CMS.


Intek recommends, at a minimum, annual inspection of the CWFF meter IDs and integrity

of the coatings. CMS instruments are installed into cooling water systems that have widely varying
debris controls and water chemistry controls. It is important to schedule maintenance inspections of the
CWFF meter IDs and integrity of the coatings. It may be convenient to conduct these inspections at the
same time as regular waterbox cleanings.

The CWFF meters should be cleaned during each waterbox cleaning. A wet standard bottle brush

can be used to remove mud and dirt. If scale is present then acetic acid (vinegar) can be used with the
bottle brush to remove the scale. Thoroughly flush with fresh water after cleaning, do not allow acetic
acid to remain in tubes. Never use abrasive tools to clean the meters.

If repair of coating/recoating is necessary, ensure that the surface to be coated is thoroughly

cleaned using appropriate means for removing dirt, grease and debris in accordance with coating
manufacturer’s recommendations. Apply repair coating in accordance with manufacturer’s

Intek offers services to repair, recoat and clean waterbox instruments.



All instruments are calibrated at the factory using NIST traceable standards. The waterbox

sensors can be checked in the field and adjusted with factory equipment. RheoVac vent line condenser
and air in-leak monitors can only be calibrated at the factory. Recommended recalibration schedule is
every 2 years for all instruments.
The CMS user interface and calibration files can be updated via
uploads from a USB memory device. Contact the factory for details at (614) 895-0301 or

[email protected]



CMS systems are custom configured for the end user’s system and intended purpose. Display

changes, computation changes, calibration updates and general software updates are readily
accomplished using USB file transfers. For specific instructions along with software updates, contact the
factory for details at (614) 895-0301 or

[email protected]



The CMS delivers 24V to power instrument electronics and RS-485 for instrument

communication. Flow, pressure, temperature, humidity/dew point and multi-sensor instruments can be
added to the system if desired. Contact the factory for specifics at (614) 895-0301, or

[email protected]