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September 2013


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The Condenser Monitoring System (CMS) integrates unique instruments allowing

comprehensive examination of condenser performance. These unique instruments are specifically
designed to provide direct measurement of performance degradation mechanisms and data that exceed
the requirements of instrumentation outlined in ASME PTC 12.2. A complete system will provide data
used to derive information for quantifying specific degradation mechanisms such as microfouling,
macrofouling, cooling water flow, waterbox fill, air binding, low vacuum equipment capacity and
condensate inundation. This information can also be used to evaluate the cooling water system changes,
fouling control systems, waterbox eductors, vacuum equipment, and new or refurbished condenser
commissioning. In essence, this system puts a microscope on your condensing heat exchanger and
empowers engineers with direct measurements to organize actionable effort.

Illustration of the Condenser Monitoring System (CMS)

Used for comprehensive online continuous heat exchanger performance measurement and monitoring