Intek RheoVac CMS User Manual

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September 2013


© Intek, Inc. 2013

Revision D


Intek, Inc. warrants each Rheotherm, RheoVac and CMS product to be free
from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service;
Intek's obligation under this warranty being limited to making good any
part or parts thereof which shall, within one (1) year after delivery of such
product to the original purchaser, be returned to Intek with transportation
charges prepaid and which Intek's examination shall disclose to its
satisfaction to have been thus defective; this warranty being expressly in
lieu of all other warranties, express or implied and all other obligation or
liabilities on Intek's part. The purchaser will assume all responsibility and
expense for removal, decontamination and reinstallation of equipment.

Rheotherm flow meters are manufactured under United States patent numbers 4,255,968, 4,942,763, 4,949,578 and 5,445,018.
Rheotherm circulating water flow and fouling meters are patent pending in the USA. RheoVac instruments are manufactured
under United States patent numbers 4,255,968, 5,485,754, 5,752,411 and 6,526,755. CMS products incorporate Rheotherm and
RheoVac technology as well as technology under US patent numbers 6,526,755, 7,065,970, 7,926,277 and international patents.
Intek, Rheotherm, and RheoVac are registered trademarks of Intek, Inc.