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September 2013


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3.1.2 Change Line Size (i.e., pipe diameter)

The CMS instruments are configured at the factory for the line size specified. This is shown in

SECTION 8 - CUSTOM INFORMATION. If the probe is moved to a pipe with a different diameter
then it is important to change the line size so that the instrument will adjust the measured velocity and
report the correct volumetric flow rate. This is accomplished using the “Change Line Size” option.

The change line size menu can be accessed through the 3 button menu. Use Left and Right to

scroll through the options until Change Line Size is highlighted as shown in Figure 14. Then either wait
for the timer to expire or press Enter.



Figure 14: 3-Button menu with change line size highlighted

Left or Right - cycle between probes or line sizes depending on which one is selected.
Enter + Left or Enter + Right - switch whether Probes or Line Size is selected.
Left + Right - save and exit.
Left + Right + Enter - exit without saving.

The LCD screen is shown in Figure 15 and the 2x20 alphanumeric Select Probe and Select Line

Size options are shown in Figure 16.


Figure 15: Change line size LCD dialog


Figure 16: Change line size 2x20 alphanumeric menu