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September 2013


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Intek conducts Condenser Operations and Management workshops to educate professionals on

RheoVac and Rheotherm instrumentation as well as condenser operations and fundamentals. At these
workshops, degraded condenser performance is discussed including root cause analysis for poor
performance and condensate chemistry issues. Approaches to diagnose problems and develop solutions
are presented and discussed.

Several training tools and reference materials can be found on our website,

. Tutorials can be found in the help menu, included are presentations on

condenser theory, instrumentation, case studies, and services offered by Intek. Posted case studies show
events and conditions captured by the RheoVac MSP condenser monitoring instruments and how the
instrument helped troubleshoot or solve upset conditions. Case studies include information on pump
issues, air in-leakage events, steam jet air ejector problems, and general condenser performance
troubleshooting. Case studies captured by the Rheotherm Circulating Water Flow and Fouling Meters
are also presented and discussed. Macrofouling, thermal stratification, circulating water pump
degradation, and identification of condenser design deficiencies are highlighted.