Section 7 - customer service, Troubleshooting, Factory and field service – Intek RheoVac CMS User Manual

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September 2013


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Intek’s corporate philosophy is to help solve our customers’ difficult flow measurement

problems. When you purchase a CMS system you also receive Intek’s dedicated customer service. For
sales or product service, call your local representative or Intek directly at (614) 895-0301 8AM to 5PM
EST/EDT weekdays or fax us anytime at (614) 895-0319. E-mail inquiries should be sent to

[email protected]


[email protected]

. Our customer service staff will provide assistance

promptly. To allow us to help you more efficiently, please have the complete serial number of the
equipment available.


If you have reviewed SECTION 5 TROUBLESHOOTING and have questions, please call our

experienced engineers for assistance. In many cases we can solve a problem over the phone. Please
provide as complete a description as possible of the problems encountered.


If you request field service to help with condenser performance problems, Intek has, for a fee,

experienced engineers who can be assigned to meet your needs. For CMS instrument related questions,
if a problem cannot be solved over the phone, with your help, we will help you to determine if factory
service or field service will be the best solution.

To request factory service on your instrument, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and

purchase order is required. Our customer service staff will assist you with the required information to
return equipment for service. Use reasonable care in handling the RheoVac and PT probes. Do not bend
the probes, damage the tips, or obstruct the sensing ports. If moving the unit, make sure the probe is
adequately protected from foreign objects and damage during handling. When returning
instruments/probes for factory service, be sure to carefully pack the instrument/electronics; extra care
should be taken to protect the probes from damage in shipment. When possible, use the factory supplied
PVC probe protection tube and custom shipping box for MSP and PT probes.


Intek has developed unique solutions for plants experiencing problems with dissolved oxygen,

heat rate and excessive backpressure. We provide comprehensive condenser diagnostic and analysis
services. Plant and CMS data can be transmitted to Intek for analysis and results are provided via
electronic means or hard copy reports. Please call us to discuss your observations, concerns, and needs.

Intek has many years of experience helping customers solve their complex condenser problems.

Intek's monitoring services ensure plants have expert assistance with collecting, interpreting, and
reporting on condenser operations. In many cases, excess backpressure problems can be predicted before
they have a limiting effect on power production. Contact your Intek sales team for a quotation to meet
your specific needs,

[email protected]


For information on Intek’s power plant instruments and services, such as a new CMS system,

liquid or gas flow meter or flow switches, circulating water flow and fouling meters or condenser
inspection, analysis, or monitoring services, contact the Intek technical sales department by
phone/fax/email. Our staff will be pleased to answer all questions and provide information on our
recommended solutions, instruments, or services,

[email protected]