Buttonhole preparation – SINGER W211 User Manual

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Step 5,

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Seam Ripper

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Needle PosIMon Selector ano

Zigzag Width Control Dial

Stitch Length

Control Dial


• Attach buttonhole foot to machine.

• Before starting to sew, always pull the buttonhole box toward you

until it is fully extended.

• Mark position of buttonhole on fabric to assure proper alignment.

Step 1 ; Set ihe stitch length control dial between 0 and 1, and the

needle position dial at ” Press drop feed button,
take few stitches to bartack the end of marked buttonhole

with the zigzag width control dial "5".

Step 2; Press


drop feed button, set stitch width dial between

1 and 2, then sew down the left edge of marked buttonhole.

Step 3: With needle in the fabric on the left side, and repeat as in Step 1

at the left edge position of marked buttonhole.

Step 4: Press


drop feed button, and set the needle position dial at

"■4 " and between 1 and 2 of zigzag stitch width. Press reverse
button of stitch length for reverse stitching, then sew up the

right edge of marked buttonhole.

Step 5; With down position feed dog height, cut center open space with

seam ripper of buttonhole carefully not to cut into the stitches