Monog ramming, Procedure, Embroidering – SINGER W211 User Manual

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Needle Position Selector and

Zigzag Width Control Dial

Stitch Length

Control Dial



For free-motion sewing, press 'H" drop feed button,

and press down on outer ring of the pressure regulator

to release pressure completely.

Place under needle of fabric into an embroidery, a

darning and a monogramming hoop.

With the width at "O" make 5 or 6 stitches to

reinforce the starting point.

At the desired zigzag width stitch to outline the

design by moving the fabric and hoop in a side

motion. To fill the design, move the fabric and

hoop from side to side in a rhythmic motion.

To return feed to normal, press drop feed

button, and push down on the pressure cap to

obtain the desired setting.